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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

5 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Install Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are becoming increasingly popular in the home improvement industry.  Many homeowners though are still reluctant to invest in them.  For some, they are unsure if the benefits outweigh the expense.  For others, they are simply unknowledgeable on how the systems work and the different options available.  As professional contractors, it is our job to inform our customers on why gutter guards are a sound investment for their home.  
Below are five reasons why homeowners should install gutter guards:
  1. Gutter guards prevent damage from water, ice, and debris.  Clogged gutters can wreak havoc on a home.  Not only can they lead to overflow and ice damming, there is also the potential for damage to the foundation, walls, and roof.  Good quality guards strengthen the gutter system making it more able to withstand these harsh weather conditions.
  2. Gutter guards reduce the risk of injury from falling while cleaning the gutters. Without gutter guards, homeowners will have to make regular visits to the roof clearing the system of leaves and debris.  Climbing a ladder up and down frequently during the process, there is a potential for a serious fall.  Gutter guards eliminate the need for regular cleanings keeping the homeowner’s feet safely planted on the ground.
  3. Gutter guards save homeowners money.  On average, homeowners spend around $150 to have their gutter system cleaned.  If cleanings are done bi-annually as recommended, this simple task could cost over $300 per year.   A gutter guard system eliminates this expense while also reducing additional costs for potential repairs from water damage and other common ailments of unprotected systems.
  4. Gutter guards protect against mosquito and wasp infestation.  Debris-filled gutters are the perfect place for mosquitos, wasps, chipmunks, birds, and squirrels to call home.  Once the system is infested, animals can chew through metal, create ice damming with their nests, or, in the case of wasps, swarm around the home’s exterior.  To eliminate the problem, the homeowner will need to climb a ladder up to the gutters and remove the nest or hive.  Gutter guards prevent critters from getting inside the system in the first place.
  5. Gutter guards increase a home’s property value.  Homeowners are always looking for ways to invest in the home that will be beneficial when it comes time to list it on the market and gutter guards can be a great selling feature.  Systems that come with an extended warranty offer even more value. 

For most homeowners, the benefits of installing a quality gutter guard system far outweigh the cost.  The key is to find a system that will complement each unique home.  At, we have a large selection of gutter guard options to fit every need.  To add further value, we are also offering 10% off during Fall.  There is no better time than now to order all of your gutter guard supplies.To learn more about the quality products we offer or to become a registered contractor, visit our website at      

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Advantages of Vinyl Gutter Systems

When installing a new gutter system, most homeowners are looking for one that is not only effective but also requires little maintenance and will last for years to come.  While copper and aluminum are still the standard choices for these systems, vinyl is quickly becoming a popular material customers are turning to.  In fact, many see it as a complete solution for controlling all of their rain water run-off needs.  Its dependability and resilience make it an appealing option for those seeking a sustainable choice in exterior supplies and materials.   And vinyl gutter systems tend to stand up well to the elements maintaining its attractive appearance and further enhancing the home’s curb appeal.  Adding value to the property, this upgrade is an overall great investment and an option you will want to share with your customers.

Why Vinyl?
When it comes to materials that offer the best in both function and durability, few can compete with vinyl.  Although a popular choice for siding, it can also be used in a number of other exterior applications including gutter systems and accessories.  Vinyl has become a popular material in gutter systems for both professional installers and homeowners alike for a number of reasons.  Today’s vinyl gutter systems are constructed of premium vinyl resin offering a durable and enduring finish.  Homeowners enjoy its resistance to rust and corrosion creating a beautiful appearance that lasts for years.  Contractors find that vinyl gutter products are lightweight and easy to work with making installation a breeze.  And at, all of our vinyl gutter products feature a urethane seal making them both leak-proof and easy to install.  

Benefits of Vinyl Gutters
Vinyl gutter systems come with a number of great benefits including:

  • Easy to install – no special tools or sealants required
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Rust-resistant finish
  • Will not dent, crack, or split

Options to Match Any Home  
Like their aluminum and copper counterparts, vinyl gutter systems come in many color and style options sure to compliment any home’s exterior. offers a full-line of vinyl gutters and accessories in both a 5” K Style Traditional system and a 4” & 5” K Style Contemporary (U-Shaped) system.  The traditional profile offers a simple, classic appeal while the contemporary line features clean lines with a modern aesthetic.  Both the traditional and contemporary styles come in brown and white color options.

Traditional Vinyl Gutter System

Contemporary Vinyl Gutter
At, we carry all the vinyl gutter systems and accessories you need to complete the job along with the standard aluminum, copper, and steel options.  As the leading online supplier in the industry, we offer the largest selection of gutter tools and supplies all at an exceptional value to our customers.  Click here to learn more about the large selection of vinyl gutter products we offer or contact us at 888-909-RAIN.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Everything You Need to Know About Galvalume®

Choosing the right material for a new gutter installation is a big decision.  What makes the choice even more difficult is the many options available on the market today. Depending on your customer’s preference and budget, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, and vinyl are all viable solutions.  Another material to consider is Galvalume® steel.   For many contractors, this product is the preferred choice for their gutter supply needs.  Below are a few of the frequently asked questions we receive on Galvalume®.

What is Galvalume®?
Galvalume® is a material constructed of steel coated with 55% aluminum and 45% zinc during a continuous hot dipping process.  This unique coating protects the steel from corrosion while creating a tough, long-lasting finish.  Galvalume was first manufactured in 1975 and has been thoroughly tested in many types of environments.
What are the benefits of using Galvalume®?
There are many reasons why Galvalume® Steel has become a popular alternative to standard aluminum gutter systems.  Here are some of its benefits:

·         Corrosion Resistant
·         Strong & Durable Metal
·         Resistant to Fingerprints & Smudging
·         Weathers Uniformly
·         Cuts & Bends are Protected
·         Roll-formed Dry & Oil-free

Which accessories can I use with Galvalume®?
It is best to only use accessories that are as resistant to corrosion as Galvalume®.  Below is quick guide on which accessories are best suited for use with Galvalume® steel.

-          Aluminum
-          Stainless Steel
-          Aluminum Pop Rivets
-          Stainless Steel Screws
-          Zinc-coated Screws (can be used but zinc coating is slightly less resistant to corrosion than Galvalume®)

How does Galvalume® compare to Galvanized Steel?
What sets Galvalume® steel apart from galvanized steel is its longevity.  Depending on the environment in which it is installed (rural, industrial, marine, etc.), Galvalume® can last up to nine times as long at galvanized steel.

Which Galvalume® gutter options does carry? is proud to offer our customers Galvalume® steel in both a K Style and 6” Reverse Bead Half Round option.  Click here to access our comprehensive materials lists for both styles. 

Can Galvalume® be painted?
Absolutely.  Galvalume® can be colored to match any existing exterior though, unlike galvanized steel, painting is not necessary to lengthen the life of this product.  Prior to beginning, first remove all oils and dirt.  We also recommend using a metal primer coat before a final coat is applied.

Are there any special concerns with soldering, welding, bonding, and fastening Galvalume®?
Most contractors find Galvalume® very easy to work with but there are some special considerations you should know about.  Visit our Galvalume® Fact Sheet to learn more.

At, we are dedicated to only offering the best in gutter materials and supplies.  Visit our website to learn more about Galvalume® or any of the other products we carry.  As a leading online source for contractors nationwide, we are committed to providing industry-leading products like Galvalume® at exceptional value for our customers.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Traditional Copper Gutter Alternatives to Match Any Exterior

When most people think of copper gutter systems they picture a traditional shiny non-patina copper guaranteed to age beautifully over time.  While this standard is a popular choice for many, others are looking for alternatives for a variety of reasons.  For some, the copper penny hue simply doesn’t match their current home’s exterior.  For others, the price of a copper gutter system is too costly.  Fortunately there are many products available in the market today that can offer varying color choices and price points.

Traditional Copper Alternatives
Whether constructed of actual copper or another material, there are many options for customers when it comes to creating the feel and look they are looking for in their home’s gutter system and accessories.

Copper Penny Aluminum – Copper penny aluminum is a great option for your customers that want the look of copper without the high price tag.  This aluminum product is painted to give the appearance of new copper and finished with a high-gloss finish.  Constructed of lightweight aluminum, this product will not tarnish or patina and does not require any special polishes and is available in K Style and Half Round.

Designer Copper Aluminum – When looking for a more weathered copper look rather than the shiny and bright “new” look, many turn to designer copper aluminum.  Designer Copper Aluminum mimics the next step in the patina process.  This popular alternative features a two coat paint finish that closely resembles aged copper.  Its texturized surface adds a beautiful dimension, rich appearance, and comes in a dark copper color.  This product is also available in K Style and Half Round.

Freedom Gray Copper – For those that like the sustainability and look of copper but prefer gray gutter options, Freedom Gray Copper is a great choice.  This product is constructed of sheets of copper coated on both sides with a patented tin-zinc alloy.  This practical option fits with many metal applications and offers a long-lasting, durable approach to gutter systems and accessories.  Homeowners with light-colored exterior features in their brickwork, stucco, and woodwork also find that this product’s runoff staining blends better with the rest of the home than that of traditional copper.

Euro Copper – This half round system features some of the heaviest gauge copper on the market today.  Long-lasting and easy to install, this system is solderless and can be found in seamless downspouts, miters, and elbows.  Also known as the European Gutter System, Euro Copper Gutters are only compatible with European Gutter accessories.

Whether you are looking for a traditional copper gutter system or one of the many alternatives listed above, has what you need.  As a leading online supplier of gutter supplies and equipment, we are dedicated to offering the best prices and selection in the industry.  Click here to learn more about the huge variety of copper gutter system alternatives has to offer or contact us at 888-909-RAIN.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beyond the Home: Selling Gutters for Peripheral Buildings

When homeowners consider adding a gutter system to the home, the decision is often a no-brainer.   Keeping excess water away from the foundation, they are often considered a critical part of the home’s exterior. But many homeowners often forget that other buildings on their property need protection too. Installing gutters onto peripheral buildings can be just as important. Thinking outside the box, this add-on service is a prime example of how to boost sales while offering your customers additional services to protect their real estate investments.

Now more than ever, homeowners are building expensive outer structures along with their new homes. Pole barns, free-standing garages, and larger sheds are popular additions as people look for ways to store their large RV’s and boats. To accommodate their storage needs, many are even building structures that can span thousands of square feet.  Along with a quality roof and durable siding, these buildings will also need gutters to properly drain water away from what is often the concrete slab on which it is built. Letting water pool around its base can lead to a number of problems. Issues that can occur include: soil erosion underneath the structure, damage to the foundation or floor, and unsettling and cracking of the floor.  It is important to stress to homeowners the importance of protecting all their buildings from structural water damage saving them both time and money in the future. The best way to accomplish this is through a quality gutter system.

While the main reason we install gutters systems onto a home is to protect it from water damage, there is also an aesthetic appeal which they provide. What many fail to realize is that it is important for other buildings on the property to reflect this same style and look as well. Especially when renovating an existing home, many forget the impact that drastic exterior changes can make to the property’s overall uniformity. Installing the same or similar gutter system onto
peripheral buildings can provide a seamless look preventing any one building from standing out like a sore thumb. Likewise homeowners should keep this in mind when building a new structure next to an existing home. Just as we try to match siding colors and roofing materials, the gutter system should also be taken into consideration.

Another benefit to installing a gutter system is that it is a sound investment. Whether it is a home, large garage, or shed, adding a quality gutter system will increase the property’s value while also making it more desirable to potential buyers when it comes time to sell. Emphasizing the return on investment homeowners can achieve can be a huge selling point.

At, we are continuously looking for ways to offer the best prices and largest selection to our contracting partners in the gutter industry. As America’s leading online supplier, we provide our customers the tools and materials needed to complete any size job. From large commercial installations to smaller shed renovations, has got you covered.

To learn more, visit our Gutter Machine Mega Sale page here or contact us at 888-909-RAIN.  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stainless Steel Mesh Gutter Guards: A Sound Investment

What’s the latest product to gain popularity in today’s gutter industry? It is stainless steel mesh gutter guards. As both homeowners and contractors alike are looking for a better way to keep gutters clear, many are finding stainless steel mesh as an effective alternative to standard screens or gutter foam inserts. Few other screening options can compare to this super-fine mesh when it comes to maintaining a clog-free gutter system.
Durable and easy to install, stainless steel mesh guards are quickly becoming the preferred method for gutter protection.
Corrosion & Rust Free
One of the huge benefits of stainless steel mesh gutter guards is their durability. Unlike other materials that are prone to deterioration over time, stainless steel is both corrosion-free and rust resistant. This translates to a longer product life and less need for replacement. As sustainability and cost-savings become increasingly important to consumers, stainless steel mesh guard systems offer both the resilience and return on investment that few other products in the industry can provide.
Keeping Water In & Debris Out
Engineered to draw the rainwater in while keeping debris out, stainless steel mesh guards are very effective at maintaining a clog-free gutter system. They are also far superior to a traditional close-top gutter or similar solution keeping even the smallest shingle stones from entering the system. Some, such as the Micro Mesh and Clean Mesh Gutter Systems, also feature a rain-siphoning offset louver system allowing them to withstand heavy rainfalls and extreme weather conditions.
A Sound Investment
The main drawback of stainless steel mesh gutter guards are their cost. Often more expensive than solid-topped gutter systems, they can range anywhere from $10-$15 per 4 ft. piece. Purchasing at a big box retailer can further skyrocket the cost to $20 per unit. While going with the lower-cost solution may be tempting, opting for this high-quality product can lead to fewer headaches and problems for the homeowner in the future. Keeping replacement costs to a minimum, these systems are sound investments with less maintenance and service needs than other options available in the market today.
Micro Mesh Gutter Guard
Clean Mesh Gutter Guard
Stainless steel mesh gutter guards are a great way for you to add even more value to your gutter services. Not only are the systems easy to install, they also provide a long-lasting, quality product for your customers to enjoy. At, we offer two high-performing stainless steel mesh guard solutions – Micro Mesh and Clean Mesh. The Micro Mesh option slides under the shingles while the Clean Mesh Guard fastens to the fascia itself. Both fit 5” and 6” K Style gutters and are extremely effective at allowing rainwater in and keeping debris out. is offering 15% off both stainless steel mesh gutter guard systems for the entire month of June. There is no time better than now to stock up on what is sure to be a high-demand product.