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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Keep Your Customer Informed: Tips to Avoid Clogged Gutters

One of the most common service calls gutter contractors receive is for clogged gutters. Left untreated, backed-up gutters can lead to more serious issues including leaky roofs, damage to the home’s siding and fascia, and even foundation cracking and settling. Rather than fielding service call after service call, take time to inform your customers on the proper maintenance of their gutter system. Assisting homeowners in avoiding this common problem will help you build a stronger relationship with your clients while offering great customer service.
  •  Gutter Cleaning Tools Available
    Regular Maintenance is a Must –Bi-annual cleanings are the most effective way to prevent clogged gutters. Many homeowners intend to clean their gutters during the spring and fall yet when the time comes around they fail to do so. Help your customers determine if they are ready for the challenge or are better suited for hiring a professional. The latter provides a great opportunity for you to suggest a maintenance program which matches their needs.

  • Gutter Construction Matters – When providing guidance on gutter options make sure to provide your customers with the pros and cons of the various material choices. While price can be a determining factor, some customers, when given the benefits, may prefer higher quality gutters over less expensive alternatives. Galvanized steel, although very cost effective, is susceptible to rust and prone to cracking than aluminum. Aluminum lasts longer, comes in a variety of colors, yet susceptible to denting. Copper, CopperPlus, Freedom Gray and Zinc gutters are pricey options but may have appeal to certain clients once they understand the benefits. Educating your customers on the life expectancy of gutter materials demonstrates your professionalism and builds relationships that can lead to future business.

  • Proper Slope is Key – Since your customers don’t install their gutters, they are most likely unaware of how important slope is to the overall health of their gutter system. Proper pitch will allow water to stream downhill rather than pooling which eventually leads to issues. Demonstrate for homeowners how to check for proper pitch as well as how to examine the downspouts.

  • Be Proactive – Make sure to stress to your customers the importance of addressing any gutter damage immediately. While they may be tempted to delay the process to avoid service fees, impress upon them that this will only lead to further damage costing them even more in the long run. Inform them of basic maintenance they can complete between professional cleanings and how to perform visual inspections of their gutter system.

  • Gutter Guards are a Opportunity to Increase profits!
    Gutter Guards Help – Gutter guards are extremely helpful in keeping the gutters clean and free of debris. Providing a solid cover over the channels, these guards protect the area from a number of ailments including pest infestations and ice damming. Although there is cost involved in having the system purchased and installed, many homeowners enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that gutter guards offer.

As a leading supplier of gutter products and accessories, continually strives to provide the best in service to those in the trade. We offer quality supplies at competitive prices to help keep the gutter service industry growing.  

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gutter Machines: 4 Reasons Why Buying New is Better

For those in the home building industry, completing a job efficiently is critical to being successful in the field. Rather than being tied to a subcontractor’s clock, many are purchasing gutter machines to take control of their jobsites. With basic models ranging from $4,000 to $6,500, investing in this machine is often one of the biggest financial, yet affordable, decisions a small business owner in the industry will make. With an influx of pre-owned options in the marketplace, it sometimes can be hard to choose between a new model and a used machine. While buying used doesn’t always lead to disappointment, there are clear advantages to buying new.
Benefits of Buying New
1. Consistent, Quality Gutters – With a new gutter machine, you are assured a quality gutter is produced every time. Used machines will have at least a minimal amount of wear and tear, and if they were not properly maintained or misused by the previous owner, could result in an inferior end-product.
2. Competitive Pricing – Manufacturers struggle to remain competitive. Consequently, the prices for new machines have dropped in recent years, making a new unit an attractive option for those on the fence. With the price gap decreasing between new and used, many are taking advantage of special financing offers and promotions such as Gutter Supply’s Mega Gutter Machine Sale. This Mega Sale features a large selection of Ironman and New Tech quality gutter machines.
3. Less Adjustment Needed – Used gutter machines tend to fall out of alignment more often requiring frequent adjustments. While this may not be worrisome for those with this type of maintenance experience, it is still a time consuming endeavor. If you need to hire someone to the complete the service, your cost-savings will quickly be offset with service charges. Either way, production is lost while the machine is out for repair.

4. Technology Advantages – Similar to other industries, the gutter machine business continues to experience technological advancements designed to make a more efficient machine. New units often have features that simplify use and maintenance. While a “newer” used machine may seem comparable, buying new provides the latest features and functions. Keep in mind some used machines feature old gears and parts that may no longer be serviceable.
5” K Ironman Gutter Machine
5. Warranty – A frequently overlooked yet invaluable advantage to consider is the 3 year warranty on parts that typically comes with the purchase of a new gutter machine. The nature of how the machine functions makes this a benefit that should be given serious weight and consideration when reviewing the pros and cons of buying new versus used.
Purchasing a gutter machine is often one of the biggest investments a business owner will make. Our team at is here to help you make an accurate and informed decision about what machine best suits your needs. We have a fully-staffed crew of experts ready to answer your questions. With brands like Ironman and New Tech on sale, you are sure to find a quality product at an affordable price. offers exceptional service and generous financing options, so now is the time to start enjoying increased profits and the many benefits of owning a state-of-the-art gutter machine.

To learn more, visit our Gutter Machine Mega Sale page here or contact us at 888-909-RAIN.   

Thursday, March 27, 2014

4 Tips for Helping Your Customers Select the Right Gutter Guard System

Gutter guard systems are one of the best time-saving, homeowner-friendly products roofing and gutter contractors can offer their customers. Not only do they save people from having to clean their gutters every spring and fall, they also are an invaluable way to ward off serious home ailments created by clogged gutters. Leaking basements, rotten wood, and ice-covered walkways can all be caused by the buildup of leaves and debris in the gutters. While gutter guard systems use to be considered by many as expensive and out-of-reach, there are now solutions to fit every homeowner’s budget. Helping customers select and install a system onto their home not only increases your sales but offers a great service to them.
Help your customers select the gutter guard perfect for their needs using these 4 helpful tips:
  • Find out their roof and gutter types – Does your customer have a K-Style or Half Round gutter system? What is their roof constructed of? Not all gutter guards work with every type and brand of roof and gutter systems. Consider asking the customer before your visit to ensure you only offer solutions that will work for them. For existing customers, make a note of these items on your next service so you are prepared when they are ready to purchase. Visit Gutter Supply’s Leaf Guard Compatibility Chart for an easy reference tool to keep on hand.
  • Consider their budget – Simply asking “How much are you looking to budget for this project?” is a great way to start the gutter guard conversation with your clients. Some may be looking for a small upgrade and be interested in gutter screens while others find surface tension and hybrid systems more desirable. During this process, don’t underestimate the value homeowners also place on ease of use, durability, and warranties. Make sure to cover all the advantages and disadvantages of the varying systems when discussing pricing options with them.
  • Know the surrounding areas – Being aware of the close proximity of vegetation such as tree types can help you offer the best solutions for your customers. Homeowners with nearby pine trees will need to be extra careful in keeping those pesky needles out of the system. Also keep in mind the region in which they live. Colder climates will need gutter guards constructed of materials that can more easily handle extreme temperatures.
  • Inquire about maintenance preferences – Knowing your customer’s maintenance preference is a good way to ensure they select a product that they are happy with for years to come. If they don’t mind a yearly ladder visit, you may want to offer more simple solutions such as gutter screens. Gutter covers require cleanings typically every couple years, a solution fit for those with less interest in household chores. When discussing maintenance concerns considering offering service packages to your clients. This is a great way to build recurring revenue while keeping your customer’s gutters in tip-top shape.
Want to learn more about Gutter Supply’s huge selection of gutter guard systems? Visit our product catalog here or call us toll-free at 1-888-909-RAIN (7246).

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Contractors! Offer The Beauty Of Rain Chains To Your Residential Customers

Spring is here and homeowners are looking for ways to spruce up their yards. Many of them are unaware of a simple and functional way to add beauty to their home: rain chains. Used by the Japanese for hundreds of years, rain chains are elegant pieces of art that also help disperse the water out of the gutters. There is no time better than now to inform and inspire your customers on the great benefits of these artistic downspouts. Gutter Supply is offering an astounding 25% off select rain chains while supplies last. Read on to learn more about these functional works of art.
Beauty & Function Rain chains offer a number of benefits including adding beauty to the home’s exterior. Crafted in copper, aluminum, and even iron, rain chains easily handle moderate to heavy rainflow safely dispersing it from the gutter. Replacing the closed gutter downspouts traditionally found, these chains offer function and can easily transport rain water to water basins as well. Your customers will enjoy the tranquility of the falling water as it makes its way down. At Gutter Supply, all of our chains come with a free gutter attachment piece making your installation a breeze.
Rain Chain Styles While rain chains can be found in varying lengths and finishes, they are also designed to fit any homeowner’s personal style.
Links – Most closely resembling the Japanese aesthetic, link rain chains offer a modern, Zen-inspired feel to the home’s exterior. These designs often feature clean lines and simplicity at its finest. Keep in mind that this variety can often splash water to nearby areas so install these chains away from entrances, doorways, and other areas with a lot of traffic.
Cups – A cup-styled rain chain can come in a variety of unique designs. One of our most popular is the arts & crafts aesthetic. These cups come in an assortment of sizes as well. Worried about the splashing? Cup rain chains splash very little and are perfect for high-traffic spaces.  
Lotus – Delicate and beautiful, lotus rain chains offer the feel of stunning florals cascading down the side of the home. Many of our lotus rain chains are handcrafted and true pieces of art.
Hummingbirds Cups Rain Chain
Themed – Featuring nature’s bounty, themed rain chains are stunning, hand-tooled artistic expressions that combine function with Mother Nature. Whether your customers prefer delicate hummingbirds or rustic acorn design, Gutter Supply’s large selection of themed rain chains are sure to offer a chain for every taste.
Hand Hammered Copper Bowls
Don’t Forget the Accessories 
Did you know that Gutter Supply’s quality selection of rain chain accessories are also 25% off while supplies last? We offer a full line of bowls as well as rain chain installation kits. Whether your customer prefers a dish or bowl, both come in finishes matching nearly any rain chain. Securely attached to the chain, these additions can be filled with colorful pebbles or planted with luscious greens to complete the look. Rain chain installation kits make set-up simple and fast to keep you moving. Found in both 3” and 6” lengths, these kits are the perfect size for directing the water to the chain.
Make sure to take advantage of this extraordinary deal while we still have inventory in stock! Rain chains are a seamless way for your customers to add style and function to their home and a great way for you to increase sales at the same time. Click here to learn more about the huge selection of rain chains Gutter Supply offers or contact us at 888-909-RAIN.

Monday, February 3, 2014

7” Gutter in High Demand

While the rest of the country is dealing with the Polar Vortex, the deep southern states are experiencing  heavier downpours in short intervals.  With more rain and heavier water flow, the 5” and 6” gutters we are all accustomed to, in many cases are not able to keep up.

  Over the past couple of years, we’ve been noticing an increase in sales of 7” Gutter, as well as an increase in 7” Gutter Machine purchases.

The gutter machine industry has caught on to that trend, offering both commercial and residential style 7” gutter machines.  KWM Manufacturing and New Tech Machinery have both stepped up their production on 7” machines due to the recent demand for these larger size gutters.

For areas with tile roofs, 6” gutter isn’t always wide enough to handle the rain because of the thickness of the tile at the highest point.  Also with the gain in popularity of metal roofing, 7” is becoming more in demand because of how fast the water gets to the gutter. 

Don’t be left in the dark!  As a contractor, it’s a prime benefit to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack by offering a viable solution for your customers’ issues.  As our data indicates, there is a trend emerging for more 7” Gutter in the southern climates.

7” New Tech Commerial Box Gutter Machine

7' K Style Ironman Gutter Machine

What to do About Ice Damming

Ice damming can be a costly problem for homeowners, but it can also provide a revenue stream for contractors in the normally slow winter months.  There are many “hack” job remedies and quick fix solutions; some may cause more damage down the road, some take patience, and one in particular fixes the issue at hand, but the real work comes in the form of the elimination of the problem as a whole.

For the quick fix of ice damming the first step is the ability to identify the problem area. This is easy, simply look for the abundance of icicles hanging on the gutters. This is a sure sign of the gutters not draining the water away due to ice build-up (ice damming). The next step is to clear the snow away from the eave all the way down the length of the roof by approximately 2-3 feet. This can be accomplished by a variety of methods. The easiest, safest & most cost effective method is to use Roof Rakes to clear the loose snow first. Roof rakes can be used from the ground, preventing the need to climb a ladder.

 The reason for removing the snow is because the snow can act like a sponge for water to collect and continue to freeze, creating more and more ice buildup.  Once the snow is removed, there are a couple of next steps that can be done.  The first is a kind of “better than nothing”, economical approach > fill nylons with calcium chloride. Cut away & fill the legs of nylon panty hose with calcium chloride (safe for use on asphalt shingles, cedar shake, & tile. Also works at colder temperatures than sodium chloride).
 Lay the filled stockings length wise down the eave and in the gutters and you will get the ice to melt and drain away safely. The Pros for this method are that it is very inexpensive and relatively safe because you can fling the stockings on your roof from the ground. The Cons are that it takes a long time to melt the ice. Probably won’t have the patience for this method if water has started to leak into your customers home

 Another alternative, and the preferred method is to use the steam-only technique.  A steamer takes regular, cold tap water and heats it to 300 degrees. This steam is forced through a delivery hose and wand where it is focused into a thin, low pressure column used to cut through the ice.  This is not to be confused with a pressure washer. Pressure washers can easily damage cold, brittle roofing materials.  An easy way to tell the difference between a steamer and a pressure washer is a pressure washer has a trigger on the wand and a steamer does not.   In our opinion the steamer approach is the professional approach that can keep your crews working through the winter, your customers’ homes (and satisfaction) in-tact, and last but not least, your revenue stream continuing on.

But wait, after you remove the ice dam, your work is not complete.  To truly rectify the problem, you need to identify the source. To eliminate the problem of ice damming you must have access to the attic area under the problem area. Ice damming is caused by the lack of ventilation and/or improper insulation. To remedy this you need to inspect all of the eave hole pockets in the attic area. The eave hole pockets are the areas at the eave inside the attic where the rafter or truss meets the exterior wall top plate of the framing. The pocket should be covered with insulation. The insulation should be penetrated with a styrofoam vent baffle fastened to the underside of the roof deck. This will insulate the attic from the warmer air of the structure and allow the colder air from the outside to vent into the attic. You will also need to make sure there is the proper amount of mushroom vents or continuous ridge vent in the roof itself. Next double check ALL duct work that may be located in the attic for proper insulation (bathroom fans, laundry vents, & air conditioning/heating ducts.). Once the air temperature in the attic is more properly regulated with the outside freezing temps then you will have successfully eliminated the problem and also will have gained a happy customer.

Monday, January 6, 2014

While the northern part of the United States is under a deep freeze, and what seems like a lifetime supply of snow, the rest of the country can experience heavy rain and temperate weather – and clogged gutters.

This winter season you can offer home owners gutter guards from Gutter Supply. By installing gutter guards now, homes are ready to take on those Spring Showers. We carry a variety of gutter guards to accommodate different styles of gutters.

Leafy debris, a slight dusting of snow and an occasional freeze can add weight to the gutters, potentially damaging them and causing costly repairs. If you offer a gutter cleaning service to remove damaging gutter debris, have you thought about offering gutter guards to your customers?

Aside from gutter cleaning and gutter installation, make gutter guard installation a part of your service. Not only will gutter guards increase your margins on that job significantly, gutter guards will help eliminate your customers’ gutter clogging problems. Gutter protection will also increase your sales and expand your market. Make gutter guards work for you!

Help customers’ homes keep rain water away and feel confident that by installing gutter guards, you are providing a service that can give you more referrals in the long run.

Give us a call – we can help and guide your decision for the right gutter guard system.